‘A home for biscuits,’ she said and they stretched to touch the planet. A gentle current of electricity connected them - a sweet current that gave away more than it had thought of, like it had slept for aeons and spoke before it was conscious. House, the planet told them, again. Home, it said as well but with the same word. He wanted to parcel the numbers home, tell them what they’d found but she hushed his beam and made them linger in the pond a bit. Her dalphica faded through her pores and from it came a tender remorse. The other change was more a coffined sensibility, a glassed one, as if they were swiping for lunacy, not clarity. As if they’d sipped from a bad tap instead of the benevolent one next to it.


Once upon a world

We had mystery

Fables and songs

And all was free

Every home was blasting

Bass and drums

And everything was dancing

To every key

But now it’s gone it’s gone 

Our world has gone it’s gone

It’s gone

At the intersection of

Our time and place

A most organic problem

Came up short

Cause beyond a source of mother

A giant egg had appeared

Floating through our zip code

And everyone would stop and cheer

It was the miracle 

The hatchling would solve 

At the tipping point, it cracked

A pigeon snake

A pigeon snake of sorts

It took us on

Took us all

It sang our songs

Until our world was gone 

It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone

Our world is gone


When information 

Travelled so fast

That forgetting was inherent, 

Chronic as a fact

No knowledge stuck

All was fresh and pure

A structure put in place

To please the pigeon snake

So that everything felt new

And muscles would refresh

What only mouths could know

What knowledge could refuse

Nothing was reused

As far as our RAM knew

At the tipping point

Of all this sweet benign

The pigeon snake arranged

A war to end our time

Stripped of voice and body

One by one

Shredding every sense of family

‘til all is gone

A toxic kiss that feels amazing

Necro schmooch

A coo a wish a death commencing

For everyone

killed by bird


Struck by the bird

And left unsung

You’ll see a snake pigeon rising

For one last song

Emancipate its kingdom

A solitary farm

And restore a sense of …

And mystery

One that will behead and crown






come on

let’s separate our EMPathy

and all it ever meant to truly care for broke, external souls

Besides the ones you palm away

Daily, delicately, cold

Tell me how you’d like to end

Is this how you plan to go extinct?

Electro Magnetic Problems

Find a way to solve them

Before the final hairpin turn

A dreamer’s fee

Oh no 

It’s made of pure eternity

Beyond a crunching 

Big crunch

Cause something’s missing

A seasoning that’s duty free

In the cosmically

Sobbing one’s 

Emotional forgery

Tell me how you’d like to end

Tell me how you plan to go extinct

Tell me how you plan to go extinct


Salvage by the kilo

Doctrine by the throat

No communal saving on the horizon

Endlessly until you puke

Eternity until you choke

Endlessly until we puke

Do you believe in death

Before alive

Do you believe in consumption Besides grape Juice and gasoline

And everything in between

Every spring we’d like to sip from Total designs and whatnot

Just hand it all some expiration

Salvage by the kilo

Doctrine by the throat

No communal saving on the horizon

No vacant seats in this boat

Endlessly until you puke

Eternity until we choke

Endlessly until we puke

Until we choke 

Until we puke


Sightseer’s theme 1:31

Heroine’s theme 2 4:34

Endlessly until you puke 2:14

Pigeon snake theme 1:58

Death of memory 4:02

Deathsme theme 3:06

Heroine’s theme 1 2:04

Trantrillitrence pt. 2 remix 3:01

Vegan Space Station 2:36

Amphibient music 3:51

EMPathy 3:17